Nia Asemota

Software Engineer. Illustrator. Web Developer

About Me

I am currently a junior concentrating in Computer Science and Biomolecular Science at New York University ! I was first introduced to the interconnectedness of these diverse fields as aStudent Spotlight speaker at the Inspired @ Google event. As I continue to delve into this intersection between engineering, technology, and the life sciences, I am looking to work as a Software Engineer, Tech Consultant, Product Manager, or Web Developer.

Currently, I am a technical instructor at Black Girls CODE, where my role is to empower young underrepresented girls to become leaders in their communities through exposure to Computer Science, robotics, and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Interests: Artificial Intelligence • Robotics • Graphic Design • Web & App Development • Augmented Reality • Traveling

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To learn more about me and my inspiration to create this coloring book check out my interview with Black Girls CODE

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